class appconf.AppConf

A representation of a template tag. For example:

class MyAppConf(AppConf):
    SETTING_1 = "one"
    SETTING_2 = (

Method for each of the app settings for custom configuration which gets the value passed of the class attribute or the appropriate override value of the holder settings, e.g.:

class MyAppConf(AppConf):

    def configure_deployment_mode(self, value):
        if on_production():
            value = "prod"
        return value

The method must return the value to be use for the setting in question.


Hook for doing any extra configuration, returning a dictionary containing the configured data.


The dictionary attribute which can be used to do any further custom configuration handling in the configure() method, e.g. if multiple settings depend on each other.

class AppConf.Meta

An AppConf takes options via a Meta inner class:

class MyAppConf(AppConf):
    SETTING_1 = "one"
    SETTING_2 = (

    class Meta:
        proxy = False
        prefix = 'myapp'
        holder = 'django.conf.settings'

Explicitly choose a prefix for all settings handled by the AppConf class. If not given, the prefix will be the capitalized class module name.

For example, acme would turn into settings like ACME_SETTING_1.


The global settings holder to use when looking for overrides and when setting the configured values.

Defaults to 'django.conf.settings'.


A boolean, if set to True will enable proxying attribute access to the holder.

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